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Makrana Marble

Makrana Marbles

Makrana Marbles are also called the milky white marbles. Famous buildings such as The Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, Birla temple of Jaipur, Jain Dilwara temple etc are all built of Makrana Marbles. The name Makrana has been derived from the area in Rajasthan state from which these marbles are obtained. Therefore these are sometimes called Rajasthan Makrana marbles. .


The Marble Makrana is composed of calcite stone. This makes it different from other marbles which are composed of dolomite stone. The Makrana Marble is also therefore called ‘Sangmarmar’. This makes the Makrana marble stronger than other existing marbles.

Impact Resistant

Makrana Marbles are used to give buildings the desired finish. Besides giving the exquisite milky look, they are also meant to bear a lot of rough use too. These marbles have the capacity to bear all types of impact without getting broken.

Smooth Polish and Shine

The Rajasthan Marble Makarana has such a composition that more and more use of the marble keeps polishing it more and more. This is a very important factor and a very positive point since this makes the marble require zero maintenance. Thus the shine and glow of the marble is maintained.

Crack Free Finishing

The Marble in Rajasthan Makarana are of such a strong composition that that it gives you a crack free finishing for years. Therefore big buildings, monuments, temples and important structures are built by Makrana Marble Stone.

Weather Proof

The Makrana Marbles are so strong, that they stand tall against all types of weather erosion be it rain, sun or cold temperature. Ones built the buildings need no maintenance against harsh weather.

Makrana Marble Price List

As the Makrana Marbles are high quality marbles, this is the first choice of many to construct great buildings. Using Makrana Marbles gives the benefit to relax for years after the construction of the building, temple or any monument. Along with this, using the Makrana marbles gives you the added benefit of making the monuments look exquisite. Marble guru therefore provides you.

Makrana Marble Prices

Makrana Marble Price in India is very less if you have the proper information of the place from which you should purchase. Contacting sites like Marble Guru provides you all the information about the availability and proper price of the Makrana Marbles.

Marble Shades

The shades of the Makrana Marbles are milky white and are close to nature. They give you the soothing effect required to heal you. The beauty of these marbles penetrates the heart. Makrana Marble Price is very reasonable as compared to the eye catching beauty it spreads.

Price List

The Makrana Marble Price List is available with the Marble Guru and you can choose according to your budget by finding the proper whole seller who quotes the best price. The Marble Makrana Price is quoted very low to let the customers avail exquisite marbles at wholesale prices.

Price in Rajasthan

Since a big marble market exists in Rajasthan, the Makarana Marble Price in Rajasthan is very low as compared to that of other parts of India. You can find out the Makrana Marble Prices from the Marble Guru website.

Thus, Marble Guru is a one-stop solution for all your marble needs and queries. We network all the leading players of marble industry in India. Marble Guru is the ultimate name in the marble world. It has carved a niche in the marble world because of being a high quality site. Users can connect with us with their queries about the type of marble stones and respective prices. We will be happy to inform and suggest them by providing Makrana Marble Price List for their needs.

Makrana Marble Cost

If you are looking for the best marble for your floors, then Makrana marble in one choice that you have. It got its name from its place of origin, Makrana which is a small town located in the largest state of India, Rajasthan. Marble is a wonder stone and it is used to make different kinds of things starting from floors to monuments and statues as well. Makrana marble is a variety of marble and it is one of the finest qualities of marble all around the world. Many age old monuments have been built by using this excellent quality of marble and it is still in great demand. Makrana marble cost depends on the type you want to purchase as there are different types of this stone.

Marble Guru is a website offering you details about the different types of marble available in India and other countries along with the details of their suppliers and distributors. We offer you detailed information of the marble industry and our aim is to spreads awareness about this beautiful and versatile stone with the help of the internet. Marble is not the only stone we deal with. We offer you authentic information about granite as well.

The marble and granite industry is huge and it is always not easy to locate the suppliers and distributors who offer you the best quality of marble, no matter what type you are looking for. This is where Marble Guru’s services are incomparable and very useful. We offer you all the details you are looking for related to the vast industry. Starting from types, colors, designs, suppliers, manufacturers and everything else, Marble Guru is an online platform where you can look for all this information and much more. Our professionals are experts in marble and offer you authentic details only.

Makrana Marble Flooring

Makrana marble is famous for its quality and it is in great demand in not only India but other different countries of the world as well. Makrana marble is in great demand as it has no pin holes and no chemical reinforcements are required. There is no loss of color or polish as well and Makrana marble can last more than a lifetime. Makrana marble flooring is a great option that you have to give your room a new look. Makrana marble is available in different colors meaning you have a lot to choose from. Some of the colors available apart from white are black, green, pink and many more and some of these also come with designs and patterns and that adds to the look of your room.

Marble Guru is one place where you can look for attractive and unique Makrana marble flooring designs. We offer you all information regarding marble and the vast marble industry and our primary aim is to bring together everyone in the marble industry so that connecting each other becomes easy. We provide an online platform via which marble manufacturers, marble suppliers and marble distributors can connect each other. We also provide the contact details of marble suppliers spread across the country and also deal with marble importers and exporters. There are different types of marbles and not all marbles are suitable for all purposes. We make sure that people get the right kind of marble stone they are looking for so as to meet their requirements.

We here Marble Guru, deal with all kinds of marble and you will get all sorts of information here. We offer you 100% authentic information and you make use of our pricing details to compare the prices offered by different suppliers as well so that you get the best prices.

Marble Guru

is doing a good job in informing all about the Makrana Marbles. We are the one stop of all your marble needs and information. The more well informed a person is, the more good will be his judgment regarding his business and profit earning.

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