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Makrana Adnga marble happens to be one of the oldest and finest qualities of Makrana marble. There is no fear of loss of color or loss of luster and this variety like other Makrana marbles, does not require chemical reinforcement and maintains its luster for a long time. This variety has been used to make temples and churches hundreds of years ago and these structures are still standing strong. It is an elite quality marble and can give your home or office an elegant look. This marble is white in color and comes with black waves and brown lines. In fact, when four pieces of this variety are joined, you get beautiful designs and figures. It is one of the Makrana varieties that meet international standards and offers you great durability and whiteness.

Adnga Marble Uses

This is widely used for commercial purposes but is used in homes and apartments as well. This is mostly used for flooring purposes in offices, schools, farm houses, hotels, weekend homes, stair cases and skating arenas as well. It is available as slabs and tiles and there are distributors who offer customized slabs and tiles as well.

Adnga Marble Uses

The Marble Makrana is composed of calcite stone. This makes it different from other marbles which are composed of dolomite stone. The Makrana Marble is also therefore called ‘Sangmarmar’. This makes the Makrana marble stronger than other existing marbles.

Adnga Marble Uses

Makrana Marbles are used to give buildings the desired finish. Besides giving the exquisite milky look, they are also meant to bear a lot of rough use too. These marbles have the capacity to bear all types of impact without getting broken.

Adnga Marble Uses

The Rajasthan Marble Makarana has such a composition that more and more use of the marble keeps polishing it more and more. This is a very important factor and a very positive point since this makes the marble require zero maintenance. Thus the shine and glow of the marble is maintained.

Adnga Marble Uses

The Marble in Rajasthan Makarana are of such a strong composition that that it gives you a crack free finishing for years. Therefore big buildings, monuments, temples and important structures are built by Makrana Marble Stone.

Adnga Marble Uses

The Makrana Marbles are so strong, that they stand tall against all types of weather erosion be it rain, sun or cold temperature. Ones built the buildings need no maintenance against harsh weather.

Why us?

Makrana marbles are of different types and there are many actors that need to be considered in choosing one. There are expensive and inexpensive options; there are colored and uncolored options and the likes.

We at Marble Guru offer you details about all types of marbles whether Indian or Italian. We serve as an online platform connecting customers and distributors / dealers / manufacturers of marble so that they get a ready market easily.

We also offer you all types of information regarding the different variety of marble and you can also refer to our site for marble design ideas and the likes.