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Katni Marble

Katni Marbles

Katni Marbles help you build eternal monuments and homes. Over a short period of time Katni has become famous for its marble production and export. Katni marble has gained popularity because of its exquisite marbles which are highly appreciated in constructing the kingly buildings. Better quality and better processing of the marbles make them world class. Marbles of Katni are in high demand all over the world. The natural colours of these marbles give a varied hue.


Colour & pattern availability makes the Katni Marble suitable for you housing and industrial requirements

Katni Beige Marble

Katni Beige

Dark green veining & a light Greenish beige background

Katni Printomatic Marble

Katni Printomatic

Dark brown colored pattern

Katni Peach Marble

Katni Peach

Peach shades and rose patterns

Katni Green Marble

Katni Green

Light & Dark Green Backgrounds with white veining

Katni Purple

Light Purple shade background

Katni Pink+Beige Marble

Katni Pink+Beige

A rare combination of Pink &Beige

Long Life

Katni Marbles have guaranteed long life. Katni Marble Suppliers provide you with that marble which lasts for more than a century. This is proved by the marbles which are used in making the monuments and are still in excellent condition unlike the modern polished ones.

Best Quality

Katni Marbles are the best quality marble in the world. The colour of these marbles does not change with time because of erosion and these do not need any polishing in their lifetime too. Katni Marble Price is the cheapest in comparison to other marbles.

Oldest Marbles

Katni Marbles are the oldest quality of marble among those available in the wholesale markets. These marbles need no chemical reinforcement like the Italian marbles and have no pin holes. Katni Marble Prices are the lowest against the quality you get.

Different Colours

These marbles are available in various colours such as Beige, purple, light green etc. These shades give a vey soothing effect on our minds. Katni Marbles can be used as a substitute for imported marbles.

Reasonable Price

Katni Marble Price is very reasonable. We provide marbles of different shades in very low rates. Even if you want to purchase marbles of the higher range, that too suits your pocket. You can get legendary flooring made from Katni Marbles.

Marble Guru

See that Katni excels in marble production and export. Katni Marbles are the ultimate regarding customer satisfaction and quality. Marble Guru is a one stop for all your marble needs. We are a reliable source for natural stones for architects, builders, contractors and wholesalers. Katni Marble Price in Kishangarh provides you the option to get marbles in low rates. We reach out to each and every Katni Marble Supplier for their business welfare.

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