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Katni Marble

Katni Marble
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Katni marble is in great demand as it is a perfect choice for interiors and exteriors alike. Katni Marble is a natural product and is used only in India but internationally as well. Kishangarh is the largest supplier of katni marble in India and here you will get all other variety of marbles as well. It is a small town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, India. Katni marble is one of the best quality marble available in terms of strength and resistance to corrosion. The average price range for katni marble is Rs 45 – Rs 125 per sq. feet and it is used for various purposes.

It comes in beautiful designs and has a unique shine and glace. It has a unique beige color and happens to be in great demand both in Indian and international market. Some of the other colors in which katni marble is available are light green and light shades of purple.

Katni Marble Uses

This variety of marble is used for various purposes and it is widely used for making floors. It is also used for wall claddings, designs and borders, handicrafts. It can be placed it kitchens, bathrooms and any other rooms, lobby parking, temples and many more. It is used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Long Life

Katni Marbles have guaranteed long life. Katni Marble Suppliers provide you with that marble which lasts for more than a century. This is proved by the marbles which are used in making the monuments and are still in excellent condition unlike the modern polished ones.

Best Quality

Katni Marbles are the best quality marble in the world. The colour of these marbles does not change with time because of erosion and these do not need any polishing in their lifetime too. Katni Marble Price is the cheapest in comparison to other marbles.

Oldest Marbles

Katni Marbles are the oldest quality of marble among those available in the wholesale markets. These marbles need no chemical reinforcement like the Italian marbles and have no pin holes. Katni Marble Prices are the lowest against the quality you get.

Different Colours

These marbles are available in various colours such as Beige, purple, light green etc. These shades give a vey soothing effect on our minds. Katni Marbles can be used as a substitute for imported marbles.

Reasonable Price

Katni Marble Price is very reasonable. We provide marbles of different shades in very low rates. Even if you want to purchase marbles of the higher range, that too suits your pocket. You can get legendary flooring made from Katni Marbles.