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About Us

Marble Guru

Welcome to Marble Guru - The online resource for the marble industry and allied professions.Here at Marble Guru, we present to you an online platform where you can get comprehensive information about marble, marble suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and other people who are related to the marble industry in India and globally.

The Marble Industry has grown worldwide. Therefore to connect the buyers and sellers of marble we have come up with an online platform "The Marble Guru". Marble Guru works as a team which focusses on providing all the information related to marble. We aim at connecting you to the best dealers, keeping in mind your requirements. Katni marble, Makrana marble,Italian marble,Vietnam marble,granite etc, just name it and we promise to serve your requirements . Here on this online platform we aim at doing complete justice to your needs whether its for construction or architectural projects.

Our intention is to share valuable information about marble, its types, it's usage, its origin and much more.We have a panel of experts and professionals related to the industry who will always be available to serve you with the correct information. Apart from spreading the awareness about this wonder stone, we are also happy to solve visitors’ queries. Visitors are encouraged to post their queries here to get reliable solutions. If you are planning to install marble in your house but not confident about which type to use, you can ask us! We will be happy to help you with that.

At Marble Guru, our endeavour is to create the world’s largest marble online directory to connect marble sellers, manufacturers, distributors, mine owners, stone tools manufacturers and suppliers and many more. We are growing our database to give you the maximum advantage.

Our Philosophy

Marble is amazing, beautiful and monumental.

Marble is one of the most versatile stones that have been a testimony to the development of humankind. Due to its soft structure and marvellous look, it is used for various architectural and construction projects worldwide. We at Marble Guru want to educate people about this amazing stone.

We will always be passionate about Marble!

We will keep this beautiful stone alive by sharing the latest information about it. We will facilitate various customer friendly businesses among the leading global companies.

Marble is the basis of our legacy

Being part of the marble and granite industry, we are proud of our legacy that we want to promote this undisputed premier stone for all purposes including constructional, ornamental, or monumental use.

Mission and Vision

At Marble Guru, our mission is to provide a huge database for marble industry on the basis of marble types, designing, colors, and products. In addition, we aim to provide with the latest information on the marble craft, marble care, marble cleaners, marble polishing techniques and more. We provide tips for the various uses and applications of marbles.

Our vision is to become most popular and reliable source for everything related to marble and granite.

Sharing our “Marbellous” expertise

Since we are aiming to share the authentic information about marbles, we trust only industry experts. We have a team of experienced professionals, architects, interiors designers, manufacturers and suppliers to help us achieve our objective.

Share your query with us to have the most reliable and economical marble solutions. Buyers who want to purchase the most suitable marble for their projects can browse through the list of marble stone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Share their inquiries by e-mail, SMS, or call options.