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Makrana Pink Marble

Makrana Pink Marble

It is a small town in Rajasthan and home to more 400 mines of marbles. This is the main source of income of many people of this town and if you are looking for cheap marble, then Makrana Pink Marble is a great option that you have. Colored marble is always cheaper than white marble and the same holds true for this pink colored stone as well. However, it possesses all the qualities of Makrana marble meaning this is easy to maintain and it does not lose its luster easily.

Marble Guru offers you important information about the various kinds of marbles available in India and abroad and whether you are supplier looking for customers or simply a customer looking for marble distributor, you are at the right place. We work as a team to offer you all information you want regarding the vast marble industry.

Both light and dark pink versions of this marble is available and Makrana pink marble price depends on the quality. The price also depends on its size. A minimum width of 16 mm is recommended for the best price and it is available both as tiles and slabs. The price might be high if you go for bigger slabs. The average price ranges from Rs 25 – Rs 30 per sq. feet. This is mainly used for flooring and it can also withstand extreme climatic conditions. This marble looks beautiful and can make your rooms look elegant.

Marble Guru is an online platform through which you can connect to marble distributors and suppliers. Here you will also get any information that you are looking for. We have experts who research the market and offer you authentic information.

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