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Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite is in great demand not only in India but in other parts of the world. Makrana is a small town in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan and this city has more than 56 million of marble stone beneath it that is mined in over 400 mines spread across the town. Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is believed to have been from Kashmir White Granite and it still has managed to maintain its polish.

Kashmir White Granite is one of the finest qualities of the marble in the world and it is also easy to maintain. It is one of the oldest varieties of marble as well and if you are looking for any information regarding it, you can check the website of Marble Guru. There are three varieties of Kashmir White Granite viz.:

The Kashmir White Granite price depends on the variety you choose. The first grade is the whitest of all and is also the most expensive and the price ranges from Rs 700 – Rs 2000 per square feet. The second grade is of course a little less white and the price ranges from Rs 400 – Rs 700 per square feet. Finally we come to the third grade which is less white than the second grade and the price range is Rs 150 – Rs 400 per square feet.

Thus white Makrana marble price depends on the quality which you want to buy. We at Marble Guru offer you details of manufacturers selling the different types of this marble along with the suppliers and distributors who sell the different grades of white Makrana marble near your locality. We can also solve any query you have regarding the marble industry.

It is a small town in Rajasthan and home to more 400 mines of marbles. This is the main source of income of many people of this town and if you are looking for cheap marble, then Makrana Pink Marble is a great option that you have. Colored marble is always cheaper than white marble and the same holds true for this pink colored stone as well. However, it possesses all the qualities of Makrana marble meaning this is easy to maintain and it does not lose its luster easily.

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