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Makrana Stone

Makrana Stone

Makrana is a small town located in the Naguar discount in Rajasthan and this place is famous for its numerous marble mines. Makrana marble is famous all over the world and is regarded as the best quality marble. It is a better option than Italian marble as well as no chemical reinforcements are need in its case. There are also no pin holes, no color change or the fear of loss of polish. All these qualities make Makrana marble rates high and at the same time, these are the reasons as why this marble is in so demand. Many famous architectural marvels have been built using Makrana marble, Taj Mahal being one of them. There are many mosques and churches in India that has been built with Makrana marble and many of these are more than 1000 years old.

Makrana marble stones are sold by many suppliers and distributors and white, panther brown and gray are some of the colors that this stone is available in. Since, this stone is in great demand; customers often do not get the best variety and end up paying more for inferior quality Makrana marble. This is where the services of Marble Guru is would be of immense help. We offer the customers an online platform for getting information regarding suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and everybody else related to the marble industry not only in India but also in other different parts of the world.

The Makrana marble rate varies from suppliers to suppliers and one can make use of our platform to compare rates as well. We offer only authentic information and our unbiased views regarding the quality of marble sold by different suppliers and distributors. You can also ask any question about this Makrana marble and we would be more than happy to oblige.

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